Would definitely want to go back again when we next visit Perth.

We had a wonderful time at Peninsula Tea Gardens 2 weeks ago. The setting was exactly what we saw online and the Swan River view was really nice. We enjoyed our afternoon tea in a very relaxing ambience…. That’s the kind of garden afternoon tea I have been looking for! What made the experience even more pleasant was the service at PTG. The hostess, who greeted me by my name at the moment we arrived, was very friendly, helpful and attentive while giving us the privacy to spend the lovely afternoon by the river with some yummy sweets and gourmet tea.

What made our Parisian afternoon tea a completed one was their idea of “byo champagne”. Not only did they waive corkage but also very quick in serving us the flutes and chiller. Really awesome service!

The whole experience there was really a therapeutic one.… the tranquility of the swan river with nice cool weather and it would not have been such an enjoyable one without the great service. We would definitely want to go back again when we next visit Perth.

PS. Our photo attached.


Kelly & Vincent

from Singapore

Peninsula Tea Gardens

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